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Monday, October 13, 2008


Children’s Library at Local Temple – Opportunities for Everyone

A volunteer at the Wat Phasarn Temple children’s library.
Here at Andaman Discoveries we make sure that communities benefit directly from our volunteer groups, and welcome proposals from all villages in the region. Last month, we were delighted to receive requests from Wat Phasarn Temple children’s library and several other villages for English camps for the local children. Activities included coloring, races and of course old classics like the “Hokie Pokie” with 30 very energetic children!

The International Volunteer Society volunteers organized a total of three English camps during their five week program. Fun games and education were mixed in order to give the children a chance to enjoy themselves. Khun Mam, the leader of the children’s library was delighted with the camp and hoped to plan more in the future, especially during the school holidays. “It’s great to have Western volunteers working with the children,’ said Khun Mam, “It builds the children’s confidence and gives them the chance to learn about other countries and cultures.”

Excellent efforts for local communities....hope these efforts have done real work for locals!!


It is all the time important to do something for your local...happy to see some good work..
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