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Friday, January 21, 2011


Smith's Family at Home and Life

We have been so lucky to be tracked down by Allyson Smith and her family who, while on vacation in Phuket, want to spend time helping out and donating essential items to projects for children in and around the Phuket region.
Allyson got in touch with me, Karen, Volunteer Coordinator and asked if I could arrange a meeting with the orphanage we work with, this was no problem, we made a date and discussed items to bring and Allyson packed her car and the family set off to Thai Muang to assist with the project.

We decided that food was the best donation to make that everyone would benefit from; rice, eggs, sugar and flour were purchased and Kate, the resident cook, prepared a lovely meal for all the workers in the evening.
The family also helped to paint the new outside washrooms for the home, making it bright and interesting for when you go in to take a shower!

Allyson said ‘We have had the most amazing 2 days with the orphanage, it could not have been better. My children have LOVED playing and working with the children. We went shopping with them yesterday for food items they needed and then we went back to help paint the new bathrooms and work in the garden, then had a wonderful dinner with everyone. We will go back Friday and Sunday. Thank you so much for setting this up!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Children’s Day at Kuraburi pier, by Jeanine

Notes from a volunteer,

On Saturday me and two other volunteers were invited to attend ‘Children’s Day’ Celebrations at Kuraburi Pier; we teach at the local Burmese learning center when volunteering with Andaman Discoveries. I am lucky enough to have had this experience 18 months ago when I first volunteered and having enjoyed it so much I have just returned for a second stint and what a way to begin with children’s day!
When we arrived at the school, which is harder to find now as it is more surrounded by extra housing, we were greeted by the girls all dressed up in their amazing pink sequenced dancing costumes. After our initial greeting with the pupils and the teachers we all walked across the road in a small procession to an area the local Marine Police had set up to run the activities. They had organized many games for the children to play including tug of war for the boys, and carrying various items from one end of the stage to the other using chopsticks, there were also blind fold games for the children and much fun was had. Rewards were given at the end which included snacks, fruits and drinks, fruit is not normally part of their everyday diet, but was donated by Andaman Discoveries. The children obviously enjoyed the events if those big smiley faces were anything to go by. The day was honored by the presence of the head of Kuraburi’s local government Mr Surat Akaravirotkul who gave a speech and presented the children with prizes. The day ended with a very polished entertaining and modern dance performance by the Burmese girls which ended with much applause and a special gift for each.
This day was all about the children and it was obviously a very special and enjoyable time for them, and so nice to see all the children of the area, all races and religions sharing in such a happy, fun and festive occasion.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Children’s day in Tung Dap

Andaman Discoveries staff was really pleased to attend the Children’s Day celebration in Tung Dap; a beautiful village in the island of Kho Phratong. This amazing island is situated just in front of the coast of Kuraburi and it has its own unique wildlife and landscapes. There is another village on the island called Ban Lion, but the celebration took place in the other side of the island, in Tung Dap; it was definitely a day for the kids. All the children prepared dancing performances and had tones of fun watching their friends perform on stage. All of them received presents and recognition from the village. The villagers kindly prepared delicious lunch for everybody and we all enjoyed a day of happiness and joy. Andaman Discoveries contributed to the party with funding and provided toothbrushes and toothpaste for all the children in the village. We all want to see their shining smiles sparkle even more brightly. Lot’s of thanks for the hospitality and kindness of all the villagers.

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