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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Guide Training in Ban Talae Nok

AD Staff assess the BTN guides' preparedness
As part of Andaman Discoveries’ ongoing community development initiatives in Ban Talae Nok, we conducted an assessment and training for local guides to identify individual strengths and weaknesses. Armed with a checklist for each guide, we spent the morning carrying out simulated tours and role plays and assessed how the guides performed.

Overall the guides were all very enthusiastic and performed very well, although sometimes they showed a reluctance to speak English or were unsure of what might interest the guests. “There are things that we see as totally normal, but for the guests they might be very interesting and special,” commented Nuttawut Leelung. We see real potential for the guide group to continue improving, and we strive to make sure the guides appreciate their own potential. The most rewarding aspect of the day was the guide’s enthusiasm and commitment to tourism in their community. As guide Ekarat Chuangyang remarked, “We try to treat all the guests like friends, hoping they would enjoy and learn as much as possible from this community.”

Comments: are doing a great work...I am sure it will help others!!

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