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Monday, October 13, 2008


Samakeetham Temple – Paving the Way to Safety

Conservation activist and community leader Khun Likid of Tung Rak community was so impressed with last year’s International Volunteer Society volunteer’s bridge-building efforts at the conservation centre, that he invited this year’s group to build a path at the local temple. “There is no safe access to the area of worship,” explained Khun Likid. “The community thought this would be a worthwhile activity for the volunteers and a great way for them to learn first hand about Buddhism.”

“It took all nine of us the three days to help with sand moving, bricklaying, cement mixing, paving and planting to ensure the path leading up to the Samakeetham Temple was safe,” explained one volunteer. “As well as being welcomed into the temple and fed well at mealtimes, we were also fortunate enough to ask the monks at the temple about Buddhism. It was really good to hear from a first person perspective how a monk lives their life and they supervised our work with a shrewd eye. We finished the work early on our last day and those working at the temple organized a 90-minute trek for us to round off our visit. I feel I have had such a privileged insight into the Buddhist religion.”

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