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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Special Programs – Celebrate the Holidays in the North Andaman!

Share in the lives of villagers this holiday season.
Looking to do something different this holiday season? Then come join the villagers of the North Andaman, who invite you experience their traditional culture and diverse eco-systems in an authentic and non-intrusive way. Andaman Discoveries has designed several customized itineraries for the holidays designed to give visitors an unforgettable village experience.

Explore diverse, pristine eco-systems; take a traditional long-tail boat through dense mangrove forests; hike through lush rainforests that are alive with the sounds of exotic wildlife; snorkel in clear blue waters teeming with vibrant marine life; or simply soak up the sun on a deserted island all to yourself. Learn about traditional ways of life and contribute to the conservation of this outstanding natural environment.

The villagers that you meet during your stay, including the guides, host families, handicraft cooperatives and our own staff receive fair wages as stipulated by the Community-based Tourism Committee of the village. The majority of the overall price of each trip is invested back into the community, including 20% which is allocated to the Community Fund to ensure that all villagers benefit from tours in their community. The Community Fund is dedicated to projects that serve the betterment of the community and its environment.

Unable to travel this year? Our tsunami handicrafts also make great gifts that give something back to the community! Check out:

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