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Monday, December 15, 2008


Family-Friendly Cultural Experiences

Brioux Jubert takes a turn driving a traditional long-tail boat.
There is no minimum age to have a transformative cultural exchange. As proof, consider the Jubert and Mills families, both of whom came independently to Andaman Discoveries in November with young ones ranging in age from three years to 20-months old. The Jubert family spent seven days in Ban Talae Nok and in the end said “it has been a great experience with the family and all the children in the village. Both children of the family we stayed with have been older brother and sister for my children, it was fantastic!”

Lauren Mills strolls hand-in-hand with Assari.
Although understandably apprehensive about how such an experience might impact a young child, the Mills family also had a positive experience during their two days in village, and was pleasantly surprised at how well their daughter enjoyed the homestay. “It would have been ideal if we could have stayed an extra day to appreciate the whole range of activities and had more interaction with the local kids.” They especially appreciated their translator, who not only helped them connect with their host family, but also with members of the village during a discussion about the political situation in Thailand.

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