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Monday, December 15, 2008


Handicrafts – Fair Trade Holidays

The Phu Phiang group pose with their hand-made orchid cages in Tung Nang Dam.
Phu Phiang fair trade tours provide their guests with a glimpse into the real Thailand through “Crafts and Culture” journeys that benefit both visitors and hosts. In November they hosted a group of eight from Thai Craft UK, and made Andaman Discoveries a stop on their Thailand tour. The group a day each in Tung Nang Dam and Ban Tale Nok. It was a refreshing break for the group, as they were visiting as many Craft shows as they could manage during their short time in Thailand. “I liked the range of activities and the ‘hands on’ nature. The whole thing was an amazing experience,” commented Phu.

The into the village visits let the group experience the activities hands on, from making their own soap and Thai dessert to constructing their own orchid cages that will eventually be planted in the forest. The group appreciated seeing the handicrafts being made from start to finish, and was impressed by the women’s commitment to the program. For more information, visit the tsunami crafts section of our website.

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