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Friday, February 27, 2009


Seattleite Joins Andaman Discoveries Team

Welcome to Thailand - Leslie plays in the warm water at the beach.
This month we welcomed Leslie Welshimer to our team. Leslie has worked in the field of communications and marketing for about three years in Seattle, with an emphasis on public relations for architecture and technology clients. She made the journey to Thailand to learn first-hand about sustainable tourism, with the goal to take her career in a different direction. “My goal is to combine my passions of travel, nature and outdoor recreation into my career. When I read Andaman Discoveries’ Web site, I instantly was impressed by their mission and accomplishments,” Leslie said.

Leslie will be in our office assisting the team with marketing and development. She will be with Andaman Discoveries for about five months, departing in July.

Leslie learns how to make Nipa palm roofing during a cultural tour and homestay at Ban Talae Nok.
“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to learn about all the amazing work that Andaman Discoveries does. Being able to live and work in Thailand allows me to experience Thai life by fully immersing in their culture. I hope to learn, explore, and contribute as much as possible. Ultimately, I want to share my experiences with others,” Leslie said.

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