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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Stone Family Donation: Family spreads Holiday cheer

Students at the Burmese Learning Center are among many who will benefit from the Stone family’s generous donation.
Simply visiting a village or sharing your expertise with those less fortunate is an enormous contribution to the communities we serve; however, some people choose to give back even more. In the spirit of the season – and at considerable personal expense and burden – the Stone family (USA) arrived in Ban Talae Nok in time for Christmas with bags of clothes and educational materials for their homestay hosts and villagers. The materials were collected by a local Girl Scout troop, and were distributed amongst the various villages and programs we work with, including Ban Talae Nok, Tung Dap, the Moken community on Koh Surin, the Phuket Disabled School, The Kuraburi Burmese Learning Center, and The Children’s Library at Wat Samaketam in Kuraburi.

Andaman Discoveries and the various recipients gratefully acknowledge the extreme gratitude of the Stone family. Thank you!

Kudos to the Stone family! This is so heart touching and I hope it inspires others towards a charity too. If anything at all, COVID-19 is teaching us to value life and be more compassionate to each other. Most people don’t participate in donations thinking they don’t have the money. We have to understand, more than monies it’s about the will. Donation doesn’t have to be monetary. Help a blind man at crossroads, help your juniors with lessons, answer to queries of freshmen, write assignment writer reviews to help students, even pass a smile to a stranger can be your charity.

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