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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Photographic Memories

Italian Shutterbugs click with Andaman Discoveries

Francesco and Darinka (Italy) are self described “land gypsies” who have been traveling throughout Southeast Asia volunteering their photographic, video editing, and web development talents to worthwhile causes like the Tambun Farmstay program in Malaysia. They’d just directed and edited a short video to promote baskets made by disadvantaged women in Malaysia when they heard about the work of Andaman Discoveries from our friends at ThaiCraft. “It seems the job is tailored made for us!” said Darinka.

The couple spent a whirlwind two weeks with us in Kuraburi, two days of which they spent as voluntourists in Tung Dap village capturing riveting images of the scenery and daily life. They also traveled to Ban Talae Nok, Koh Ra Ecologe, and a nearby national park on photo tours. When their shutters fell silent they managed to edit several videos, making our video page sparkle while giving us a promotional tool in a new medium.

They alighted for northern Thailand and Laos at Songkran, and are planning a benefit walk through Italy in support of earthquake victims. We thank them for their wonderful work and great company, and look forward to the day they wander though the North Andaman region again.

AD welcomes volunteers with technical, marketing and business skills. If you have talents to share, please contact us.

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