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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Kelly’s Journal

Creating Lifetime Humanitarians

I returned to the energy of Andaman Discoveries after a seven-month absence, eager to resume the role of translator and guide. My first assignment was to help a group of YouthLINC volunteers, varying in age from 17 to over 80, organize in-village workshops.

In Ban Talae Nok, we conducted a health fair and first aid training with more than 40 villagers. Led by YouthLINC members, the events provided information on dental care, hygiene issues, family planning, and emergency medical care.

A personal highlight for me was translating during a cross-cultural ladies chatting session. After a delicious dinner, our time with the homestay ladies turned into an enlightening and amusing conversation – I’m glad the men weren’t present!

YouthLINC, a U.S.-based organization, aspires to create lifetime humanitarians through a strategic Service Year program, and participants contribute through community service projects in the U.S. and abroad.

Villagers recognized the value of the education shared, stating, “As homestay host families, it’s important we know basic first aid. Everyone should know what to do in an emergency.”

Megan Dennehy, a YouthLINC participant, said, “My visit to BTN was simply inspiring. I learned so much about the wonderful people and their lovely culture. I came with the intention of teaching the villagers and left being the one who had been taught by the villagers. They are beautiful people with the most tender hearts. I can’t wait to come back!”

Heather Bagley, a YouthLINC participant, said, “The village was an excellent opportunity to show the cultural differences of the Thai/Muslim people and Americans. Everyone in this village was kind, generous and very flexible. I wouldn’t change a thing about the homestay experience. I was completely comfortable and happy. Thanks for a fantastic adventure!”

Thank you to all the YouthLINC volunteers for your dedication and effort, in the United States and in Thailand. I hope to work with you again on your next journey.

Best Wishes,
Miss Kelly May

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Learning basic first aid training for emergencies is an excellent idea which I've felt is largely over looked here in Thailand and SE Asia. I've witnesses a number of accidents where by-standers didn't know what to do and probably didn't want to get involved. I would love to see Basic Emergency First Aid Training incorporated in the school curriculum and would fit nicely in the Thai "Boy Scout / Girl Guide" program which all students participate in. It's also some thing that should be reviewed regularly. Why not teach something which could actually save a life one day! By the number of accidents I've seen in Thailand many people would actually get the chance to use it.
@Mangrove Action Project,

We agree that first-aid education can help spare lives. Thank you to YouthLINC for teaching essential skills in our communities.
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