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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Sage Wisdom

Bill Tuffin consults with Andaman Discoveries

Andaman Discoveries sends a big thanks to Bill Tuffin, who joined us as a consultant for two weeks. Bill first arrived in the Southeast Asia as a United States Peace Corps volunteer in the mid-1980s, and quickly developed a passion for Southeast Asia. Subsequently, Bill was the innovator behind the first eco-lodge is Laos, and made been deeply involved in responsible tourism development. “When I first saw Andaman Discoveries online, I followed its development with interest and wanted to learn more about the AD’s work in the North Andaman Region. I finally got a chance to work with the team this past month,” said Bill.

Bill shared his extensive experience with us during his two-week visit. In addition to expertly facilitating our staff retreat, he offered his thoughts and feedback on everything from our business model to our promotional materials. “It was a pleasure to work with the AD team. They are highly motivated and dedicated to the work that they are doing.”

Bill has been a consultant for the recognized Ecotourism Laos website and was instrumental to the success of the Akha Experience and Green Discovery Laos. For more information about Bill, or to contact him directly, please visit his website.

Thank you for joining us Bill! We hope to see you again soon.

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So what did Bill Tiffin teach you? I'm always wanting to learn from other successes.
Thank you for the question. Bill gave us some good ideas regarding marketing, Web site optimization, Web site appearance, and location of our office. He spoke about what tourists look for in a guide and said, a good guide paints the bigger picture and shares the inside knowledge of their country, as well as the written script.

Bill guided us through an exercise, which helped us create the “Become a part of the story” statement to coincide with the new logo designed by Michaela Potter. Also, Bill was a friendly, positive presence in our office. We hope to see him again soon.
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