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Friday, October 30, 2009


Charmed a Third Time

Short-Listed for Wild Asia Award

For a third consecutive year, Andaman Discoveries has been selected as one of the eight finalists in Wild Asia's Responsible Tourism Awards. These awards aim to support the creation of sustainable destinations in Asia. “We are delighted to be considered for this prestigious award. Our team sends a big thank you to the Wild Asia team for their patience and support while filming the villages, our projects and our staff,” said Tui Chomphusri, Andaman Discoveries Director.

Wild Asia sent a team of experts to visit each of the finalists; Deborah, Gonthong, and Imran visited and inspected our program in September, and were able to join the FAM trip. To get a taste of what they experienced, check their entry on the Responsible Tourism Awards’ blog, and don’t miss their video on You Tube!

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