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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Good Things Come in Threes

Volunteers Contribute at Local Projects

Andaman Discoveries would like to give a special thank you to three volunteers who donated their time to make a big difference with three important projects. Michelle (UK) taught sign language; Adam (UK) helped with construction; and Leo (Netherlands) taught English in a remote village.

By volunteering their time and unique skills, each of these people left a permanent mark on the lives of those they touched. Michelle explored differences between American, Thai, and English signing with the students at the Disabled School and Southern Thailand Orphanage. “It is an important lesson for the children … that because someone is deaf or is not the same as us, they are still able to live life the same as us,” said the director of the orphanage.

Adam’s contribution at the orphanage was more physical but equally significant. He not only got his hands dirty digging drainage troughs and breaking ground on a new bungalow, he was also an excellent role model for the children. “Volunteers like Adam set a positive example and are great role models, especially to the boys, who often lack male mentors. The children learn the importance of giving back to society,” said Mimi Cheung of Andaman Discoveries. The children respected Adam’s kind and gentle personality, and many tears were shed when he said farewell.

Leo, who is cycling around Southeast Asia with only two small bags, first contacted us in March about volunteering. Armed with our Thai-English phrasebook, a dictionary, some pencils and paper, we sent him into Ban Na village for a week. After the experience Leo reflected, “It was meant to be. I had such a wonderful experience, being totally submerged into the village way of life. I had to learn to slow down the pace and do as they do. We had so much fun learning and interacting with each other. I feel very privileged to have been allowed into their homes. They made me feel so much like part of their family.” Leo plans to return in January 2010 to continue teaching in village or at one of our other projects.

Feeling inspired? If you’d like to contribute your time by volunteering, please contact us to learn more about how you can get involved.

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