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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


A Farewell to Charms – Goodbye Mimi and Jenny

Jenny, known as the Jeneral during her time in Kuraburi, spent over 5 months working with the AD team. Her spirit of adventure, hard work, and boundless enthusiasm were appreciated by all who crossed her path in Kuraburi. Jenny focused on program development and marketing, helping us reach new guests and communities. Her filed work included visits to Ban Talae Nok, piloting homestays in Ban Lion, and creating a new hiking route in Nai Tui. We hope to see her back soon, Kuraburi is missing her.

Mimi joined the Andaman Discoveries family in 2008 with a mission to take its success to the next level. Shortly after Mimi finished her Master's degree, she heard about our post-tsunami projects, and joined Andaman Discoveries to put her knowledge and skills to use. During more than 2 years in Kuraburi, Mimi was a pillar of the organization - she developed new village tours, oversaw financial planning, and steered the organization towards self-sufficiency. Love called, however, and Mimi left Andaman Discoveries to marry her sweetheart, Phillip. THANK YOU MIMI, for all of your dedication, support, and friendship.

Mimi’s academic background includes economics, finance and management studies. She has worked in the investment and pension industry for a number of years before calling it quits. Soon after, she volunteered in a turtle conservation program in Costa Rica, and then went on a solo three-month journey to Asia, including Thailand, of course! Her next adventure was back in her hometown in Toronto, Canada, where she headed back to the books to get a degree in Master in Environmental Studies, with a focus on community-based tourism. She spent two months conducting research in Northern Thailand.


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