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Thursday, September 30, 2010


My Thailand Trip

Special Note from Janice

I have visited other countries as your typical tourist as well as an ecotourist. I
thought the experience as an ecotourist was the most amazing thing ever - until i came to Thailand.

After experiencing Thailand as a volunteer/study tourist, i am ruined for any other kind of tourism. I have never had such an opportunity to be immersed in a culture before. I didn't know what to expect, nor do i understand what i expected, but this opportunity exceeded anything i could have imagined. I have fallen in love with Thailand for what it truly id, not for the party, shopping or sights other tourists see. I have also fallen in love with voluntourism and i guarantee i will be doing it again. I feel i will also return to Thailand and that i have a vested interest in checking in on the villages, schools and temple i have visited.

So for everyone working at Andaman Discoveries because you believe in what it is doing, take my word for it : your efforts, troubles, frustrations, triumphs and hardwork are not wasted and villages, communities, volunteers and you all reap the rewards. Thank you for having me!

Thank you, especially Tui, for joining me and translating and enriching my experience. I will take up the cause of Andaman Discoveries and do everything i can to support, assist and market it. Please keep in touch and feel free to contact me if you think there is any thing i can do.

wow Thailand is very beautiful can't wait to go there. the statues ,people and of course muay Thai. I've always wish to go there and learn the deadly art the use of elbows and knees are a lethal combination I envy you great site
I was welcomed with the upgrate to a suite what was a really great room. All was clean and proper. Very fast check in. I am just surprised that such a good place and such a good guides they have,I highly suggest all tours and transfers by We visited here to celebrate my sons 8th Birthday, and I would usually not do this sort of thing because I am a little scared of heights, but wow, what fun!! The staff were great and very careful about safety. I was assured that I would not break the zip line, and it could hold a lot of weight and it certainly looked sturdy. At some points the zipline went about 30 meters and was incredibly high, you couldn't help but scream. I highly recommend this adventure, it's fun and in a beautiful area, and the staff are friendly and reassuring.
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