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Friday, December 3, 2010


Dear Friends:

Hello, my name is Guillem and I am from a little town near from Barcelona. I am a graduated in economics and I came here to help and learn as much as I can about all the wonderful actions that Andaman Discoveries does. I arrived three months ago to Andaman Discoveries. It is situated in Kuraburi, an amazing town full of kind and smiley people. The staff has made me feel like at home since the beginning and it’s been really easy for me to adapt to the Thai lifestyle.
I was a bite worried about the food and the language. But the truth is that the food is delicious and the people is really helpful and it is really easy to get in contact with them.

I will be here for the next three months and I can’t wait to see the exciting experiences that are left for me.
Thanks to Thailand, Kuraburi and AD to allow me to live this once in a lifetime experience.


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