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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hong Kong International School Tsunami Tour 2011

This March Andaman Discoveries was very pleased to welcome the Hong Kong International School in the Andaman coast. They were a group of 20 keen students between 15 to 17 years old who wanted to learn about the tsunami and work for the Tsunami relief in Yaowawit school.

Before getting to the school they met P'Tui, a member of Andaman Discoveries staff, and Bang Muth, a guide, who guided them through an introduction about the tsunami.

They were all able to visit a Moken village just after landing to understand what this community went through after the tsunami and also learning some AD work with the communities. We were also able to discuss about how tourism can help or harm the local communities.

After this brief introduction, they were able to go to Khao Lak where the Marine boat is since it was washed inland during the tsunami. After seeing the boat they visit the tsunami memorial. All the students showed their respect and understanding about the suffering from the tsunami.

P'Tui was really happy to had known all these amazing teenagers and pleased to guide them through this introduction day about the tsunami.
After this, all the group spent 7 days in Yaowawit.
We hope they had a great time during their stay in Thailand and we encourage them to come again.

We will receive all of you again with open arms!

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