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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Handicraft Development

Women's empowerment

Started in late 2009, the women’s tie-dye group is highly motivated, and improving rapidly, but still needs some help in capacity development. To jump start their business, we provided a small grant to seed a revolving fund for purchase of fabric. Field staff also provided ongoing business coaching and suggestions for product development. On the technical side, we facilitated preparation of a full color catalogue, price sheet, and web page for the range of products the group makes.

The tie-dye group was also in need of a stable stove for dyeing and a disposal area for the waste from the dying process. Although the process utilizes all natural products, the waste needs to be disposed of in one, well-marked location, not merely poured out onto the earth. We built a drainage area that also serves as a compost pile to mulch the leaves and bark used for dying.

Thanks to Planeterra, Mangrove Action Project, and Naucrates for their partnership on this project.

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