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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Southern Thailand Orphanage opened its door and hearts to Cathy Brown and Family

Cathy Brown and her family visited the project for a day, taking time out of their vacation to visit and support the Home. Cathy’s children soon began playing and having fun with the orphanage children, although few words were exchanged the children just got on with having fun and using hand and face expressions to be understood.
At the end of their vist the Brown family kindly donated funds to help with the construction of the coffee shop and brought some essential items from the
home's wish list.

Cathy said:

‘Thank you so much, we had such a wonderful day. Rosa and co were open and warming, the children played so well right from the beginning (don't you just love kids !!!!). We had a look around the orphanage and had a meal then we all went off to the beach which was just great. I'm going to keep supporting them as much as I can, they were all so happy it was so lovely to see’.

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