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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


New AD-team member

Note from Lena:

Hello from the Office. In the beginning of November I reached Kuraburi, to learn from and support Andaman Discoveries. I will be keeping you updated about our projects and news from the field, and I welcome the opportunity to pass on the news and stories about the beautiful projects in and around Kuraburi. In order for you to know who will mediating between the happenings here, from villagers, in nature, the office and our volunteers, I will briefly tell you how I arrived in the AD office

Originally from Germany, I just finished my Liberal Arts degree in the Netherlands. Due to my passion for learning in and from different environments, I spent my fifth semester in Hong Kong to study Chinese and conduct research for my final thesis. At a conference in October 2010, I met Bodhi Garrett and Guillem (a former intern), who spread the word about community based tourism. I was fascinated about AD's inclusive view and saw the possiblity of contributing with my social and international background while at the same time learning about community based tourism and alternative community development. After a short visit in January, this time I have come to stay for a while. I am looking forward to the many encounters the stay here will bring and hope you enjoy the stories in the meantime.

Hi Lena,
All the best with your work at AD and wishing you great days ahead!
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The AD-team is excited to welcome a new member with fresh perspectives and skills, showcasing professionalism and innovative contributions. They anticipate achieving new milestones together and look forward to elevating their projects.
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