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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Meals for Needy Kids

Lunch for the Burmese Learning Center

The Kuraburi area, and southern Thailand in general, is home to a large population of Burmese migrant workers. These hardworking people often come illegally in the hope of finding income and a better life.

Their children mostly lack access to education and adequate nutrition. Unlike so many other areas, Burmese children living near the Kuraburi pier are able to take classes at a learning center. The dedicated teachers at the center have requested our help in providing lunch for the children. Without a food budget, and barely able to cover teacher salary, the center needs our help to make sure the kids have a healthy lunch.


It costs less than $1 USD per day to make a difference.

Financial support is needed for cooking equipment plus ingredients for 90 meals a day, 5 days a week, for the nine month school year. The teachers would prepare the food and would receive semi-annual cooking stipends of 1,000 baht per month, shared between the cooks.

The lunch program will:

+ guarantee that children have one healthy nutritious meal a day

+ create community by bringing together teachers and volunteers to cook and then share a meal with the children

+ give the children an opportunity to learn roles and responsibilities during cooking, eating, and cleanup

+ alleviate the financial burden on already struggling parents



In total, we are aiming to raise at least 9 months (one school year) worth of lunch money. The cost of

feeding the children for a month is $1,250 (960 Euro), meaning we hope to raise a total of $11,000 (8,500 Euro).

Please contribute whatever you can, and together, we can do it!

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As someone who has previously taken a travel and tourism assignment , I believe that we can all contribute to helping our communities, particularly needy children. Providing meals for them is a small but significant way to help, and I hope that more people will join forces to support this cause.
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