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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Rice Harvesting Ceremony

February 7, 2012

Rice Harvesting Ceremony

A once-a-year ceremony of rice harvesting took place in Kamphaun Village in Ranong District.  This rice harvesting ceremony was organized by Muan Mit Thai Foundation, who works closely with the community group and women’s workshop in the village.  It was a great opportunity to appreciate the rice, and lean about traditions of the harvest and get to know people in the N-ACT network (North Andaman Community Tourism Network).

Kamphuan village is located 25 km North of Kuraburi, and surrounded by palm and rubber plantations.  The ceremony was held at the rice field, located behind the main village area, gathered nearly 100 children from several schools and villages in the region and attracted many community representatives, and N-ACT members. 

Nicole, Katherine and George from the USA, who were taking part in an Andaman Discovery Homestay program, also joined the ceremony.  They were able to participate in rice harvesting with the local community and experience the traditional method of harvesting and husking, which is done by using basic wooden equipment, same as 100’s of yeas ago. The group commented that this was such a unique and special ceremony to be part of; they felt so luck to be invited at this special time.

The local villagers demonstrated their traditional ways of getting the rice out of its shell.  First, they harvest the rice from the field with a knife; then they stamp on the rice to separate it from the straw; then husk the rice with the wooden equipment; separating the rice from its shell. 

We also enjoyed the delicious Thai dishes prepared by the villagers.  They served us some curry with rice noodles and fresh vegetables.  We even had the chance to interact with some local children who wanted to practice their English. 

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