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Friday, April 27, 2012



 Thank you so much to our volunteers who took part in our projects over the last few months:  your time and dedication means so much to us.

We are currently developing new projects that will need the skills and time from volunteers over the next few months, watch this space for an up-date.

Here is a little excerpt from the feedback from one of our past volunteers :

“Hi! First of all, if you’re reading this, thank you. Thank you for giving up some of your precious time to help out on a really worthwhile cause, I know that it was so tempting to book that beach resort instead but trust me, you’re doing a good thing.

 How good that ‘good thing’ really becomes is now entirely dependent on you. But who am I to say all that? Well I, like you, volunteered in 2012 when I was 21, I did have a lot of help but still there were one or two small things that, on reflection, set me back and prevented me from really making my ‘good thing’ truly great and if I can pass on the mistakes that I made and the solutions that I found and help even just one person, then I’d feel a lot better.

  Before I even get onto teaching methods and how that’s all really going to go down, I want to talk about Kuraburi itself. As you no doubt feel right now, you’re a rather long way from home and all these unreadable signs, market stalls and strange glances from pretty much everybody isn’t helping the uneasiness. Don’t panic, that’s perfectly normal; it’s culture shock and it will take time. Probably no good right now, but I will say that although there’s nothing you can do about the signs (or the market stalls) a smile goes a very long way with the locals and once you realize that there’s nothing malicious in their curiosity, you’ll quickly start to enjoy the attention. Take it from me, I’m seriously shy but the locals seem to have this thing for different skin tones and a fondness for foreigners that landed me several charming compliments without even a Hello.”


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