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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


North Andaman Community Tourism Network Remains Strong and Engaged

In May the community-based tourism groups fromeach of the villages comprising the N-ACT network met on Koh Pratong for their meeting. This meeting welcomed guest village Lan Ka Roo from Khao Sok, Surat Thani. While waiting for all members to arrive a friendly conversation began on the reason for the different Thai names of surrounding Khao Sok areas like Khao Pra Hak “Broken knife Hill”, Lan Ka Roo “Lizard stuck at hole” and Khao Mah Ngan “Turn up Dog Hill”. The Thai spirit of creative imagination never gets old!

As the meeting got underway representative from the communities had an information exchange on how to set up a homestay, the roles of guides and hosting foreign guests. Host group, Ban Lion, introduced their homestay program and highlighted activities they offer guests. Members engaged in discussions on pricing calculations for developing and updated homestay programs with the costs increases they incur. The CBT group from Koh Kho Khao presented on their program to offer and give his suggestions to the network. The Village Leader from Tapae Yoi gave an introduction for his group and discussed future plans for CBT development in his village. Chamni from Plenprai Sri Nakha discussed some challenges his group were facing, and acknowledged that communities can face problems from both internal and external sources. He also noted that he was very proud that the groups at the meeting did not focus only on money but recognized that well developed CBT programs will help bring awareness to the group and further success in the future.

To conclude the meeting, a pertinent question from AD Intern Jennifer to the network asked “What did the members gain from the meeting?” One member responded that it helped them to change past activities and learn new ideas to generate income for their communities. Hem from Ban Talae Nok replied that he was happy that everyone was able to exchange their work and consult each other to improve their community groups. He concluded that community-based tourism is to be approached one step at a time and not to expect the rapid growth of a tour company. Now that is sustainable minded tourism!

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Kerasnya Takdir diinspirasikan daripada novel Kerasnya Takdir, karya hebat oleh
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Watching Free Kepala Bergetar Serials Visit On This Web Pgae The use of WhatsApp Messenger is widespread nowadays. Everyone who has an Android phone uses WhatsApp messenger. Everyone wants to use the version of WhatsApp on the base of ios.
The use of WhatsApp Messenger is widespread nowadays. Everyone who has an Android phone uses WhatsApp messenger. Everyone wants to use the version of WhatsApp on the base of ios.
The use of WhatsApp Messenger is widespread nowadays. Everyone who has an Android phone uses WhatsApp messenger. Everyone wants to use the version of WhatsApp on the base of ios.
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The article on the North Andaman Community Tourism Network highlights the resilience and commitment of the community, providing a positive and uplifting narrative. The article effectively communicates the network's strength and engagement, offering readers an inspiring perspective on the network's commitment to sustainable tourism. The resilience of the network is commendable, and the article effectively conveys the enduring strength and engagement of the community. The article provides a compelling testament to the resilience of the North Andaman Community Tourism Network, offering readers a glimpse into the network's commitment to sustaining a vibrant and resilient tourism experience. Overall, the article provides a positive and encouraging portrayal of the network's resilience and commitment to sustainable tourism.
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The North Andaman Community Tourism Network is a resilient and dedicated organization that has significantly impacted sustainable tourism. It is committed to community engagement and environmental conservation, acting as a catalyst for positive change. The network's initiatives and achievements serve as inspiration for other communities seeking sustainable tourism practices. The article highlights the importance of collaboration and empowerment in tourism development, capturing the spirit of collaboration and empowerment that drives its success. The narrative of resilience and community empowerment is effectively conveyed through engaging storytelling and informative content, making the North Andaman Community Tourism Network a model for sustainable tourism development.
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