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Friday, October 30, 2009


Conservation and Culture

Holiday Specials Showcase Region's Diversity

Planning to travel in Thailand this holiday season? Check out the expanded range of activities and villages available in this year’s special holiday tours. We’ve covered everything from reefs to rainforest and hikes to handicrafts! We invite you to explore the traditional culture and natural environment of the North Andaman region of Thailand--whether you’re traveling with family or exploring on your own, these special itineraries showcase the best of everything this unique region has to offer. Best of all, you will be helping local communities preserve their traditional culture and environment.

The spectacular natural beauty and cultural diversity of the North Andaman region make it a fascinating place to explore--the area boasts the largest concentration of mangrove forest in Thailand, as well as tropical jungles, beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and sea grass beds. It is also home to the rare dugong and the green turtle. No less diverse are the region's people: Muslims, Buddhists, and Moken Sea Gypsies all co-exist with their own unique cultures.

While many fishermen and farmers still make their living by traditional methods, much of the area's fauna and flora is under threat from habitat loss. In recent years local communities have realized the potential of sustainable tourism to negate these threats and conserve the ecological and cultural beauty of the region.

Contact us for more information about this special two-day adventure, or any of our Cultural, Family, or Hands-On itineraries today!

Can’t travel to Thailand but still want to support community conservation? Please consider purchasing a holiday gift from the Andaman Discoveries handicrafts store. We offer hand-made cards, Ban Talae Nok herbal soap, and hand-carved Moken boats. Proceeds help provide local people with a complimentary source of income while still continuing their traditional way of life.

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