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Tuesday, May 8, 2012



Hello world!

My nameis Nicole Lemmo and I just started with Andaman discoveries as a ProgramDevelopment and Administrative Assistant in April. The end of March brought the completion of mytwo year Peace Corps service here in Thailand, but I was far from readyto leave this enchanting country. Thebeautiful nature, kind people, fun language and delicious food have a hold onme.

I am grateful to have the opportunityto continue serving the country of Thailand through the works ofAndaman Discoveries. Learning about themany different village experiences, volunteering opportunities and nature tourshas me excited to get out there and explore the North Andaman region. Making the move down to Kuraburi from my homein Chumphon has also kept me busy. Learning the Southern Thai language,shopping at the fresh daily markets and making friends in my new community is aspecial added bonus.

I love walking tothe AD office in the morning surrounded by forest covered mountains and crystalclear skies and then leaving in the evening to witness a breathtakingsunset. I don’t think this part will everget old! I hope to use my past businessexperience and my work as a community development volunteer with the PeaceCorps to help AD achieve its goals and continue to thrive.

Looking forward to seeing you on your nextvisit to Thailand!

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